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In an effort to encourage companies to stop using stamps Royal Mail have introduced discounts for people using franking machines. This ranges from a minimum of 19p on a 2nd Class letter and over £2 on Royal
Mail special services?

Save up to 40% on your Postage Costs by transferring to a Franking Machine.

Benefits of Franked Mail

  • Cost Efficiency up to 40% savings
  • Free advertising on your Mail
  • Security Control
  • Re-Credit by phone
  • No more licking and sticking
  • No more trips to the Post Office
  • Faster Processing through Royal Mail
  • Accounts accurately
  • Enhances your business image
  • Accurate weighing and costings

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Stamp User - Kane MailingRoyal Mail recently announced discounts for franked mail – a saving that can quickly take on real significance for the cost-conscious smaller business. There has never been a better time to invest in digital mailing technology.

The DP50/55 Series features a built-in scale that automatically calculates the exact postage for every item. Too often, businesses simply make do with guessing postage amounts, resulting in much wasted money.

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