Here at Kane Mailing systems we supply a range of quality mailroom equipment from Pitney Bowes, Frama and Neopost.

Kane Mailing Systems want to bring our customers the best franking machines that are on the market but not just that, we also want to bring the best franking equipment and with it the best customer support any company could ask for.

Our products range from low volume franking machines, mid volume franking machines and also high volume franking machines. Here at Kane Mailing our team can advise which product and franking machine would best suit your business.

Here is a bit more information on how franking machines vary in volume.

High volume franking machines can produce up to 500+ letters a day; these can also include smart graphics such as logos and marketing or sales across the top of your envelopes. High volume franking machines are designed to a professional standard which allows it to perform to the highest abilities a customer can ask for.

Mid Volume franking machines can produce up to 75+ letters a day, they are a compact and easy to use smart franking machine. They fit easily on desktops and can produce up to 40 pieces of a mail a minute. They are robust and reliable franking machines which can be ideal for your business.

Low volume franking machines can produce up to 20+ letters a day. The low volume franking machines are quick and accurate for posting your items daily. Weigh your mail and print accurate posting every time you post. You can print a promotion on every piece of mail that you send. These low volume franking machines can make your business look professional in all aspects.

Get your Franking machines and equipment from Kane Mailing today!

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