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20TH MARCH 2013 Pitney Bowes and the Royal Mail Rate Change 2013
Pitney Bowes and the Royal Mail Rate Change 2013

Royal Mail have announced that the new rate change will take place on Tuesday 2nd April 2013. Kane Mailing Systems Ltd and Pitney Bowes have been working together through this very busy time in the franking industry to make the rate change as quick and hassle free as possible for our customers.

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11TH MARCH 2013
Royal Mail Price Change April 2013

The Royal Mail have now announced price changes to their postage tariffs for franking machine s and stamps. The good news is that using a franking machine still offers a 35% saving over using stamps which is a massive 17p off the price of a second class stamp.

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Closing due to severe weather

We will be closing the office at 12.30pm due to severe weather.

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3RD JANUARY 2013 DM160 and DM220 Product Launch
DM160 and DM220 Product Launch

Kane Mailing are pleased to announce the Pitney Bowes New range.

The fully digitalised DM220 series, which includes the DM160i and DM220i machines, can also be run through the customers’ network or router, using a LAN connection. Not only does this eliminate the need for an analogue line (where rental costs around £11 per month) but it also means that the product’s speed of download is far higher.

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Happy New Year

Kane Mailing are back open as usual for business.

Happy New Year!

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21ST DECEMBER 2012 Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year
Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Kane Mailing will close its office for Christmas on Friday 21st December and will re-open on Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

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Last Posting Dates for Christmas

Don't miss out on the last posting dates. See our list of dates below

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3RD DECEMBER 2012 Blue Franking Ink Changeover
Blue Franking Ink Changeover

Together Kane Mailing Systems and Royal Mail are migrating all customers with a SMART franking machine to franking with blue ink instead of the current red ink. This is happening following the successful tests on blue ink which demonstrated an improvement in mail machine readability.

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