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17th September 2015 Franking Mail!

Franked Mail offers businesses an alternative way to send mail via the Royal Mail. It works by a franking machine producing a franking impression, which is then applied to your mail item. For example the franking machine will frank the image above onto your mail, and this will then be seen as franked mail. Franked Mail works just like stamped mail, but at a much lower cost, and you can frank in both red and blue ink. Once mail is franked, it can be sent to the Royal Mail for delivery.

When franking and sending mail, whether it is to a customer in USA, Europe or in the UK, franked mail allows your business to gain access to various Royal Mail products and services. You can frank the following services onto your mail items without leaving your office.

  • 1st Class Mail
  • 2nd Class Mail
  • Royal Mail Signed For™
  • Special Delivery Guaranteed™
  • International Standard
  • International Tracked
  • International Signed
  • International Tracked & Signed
  • Collections

When you frank mail, you will gain various franking advantages. The Franked Mail Advantages gained include:

  • Lower Franking Prices
  • Improve your brand image
  • Easy to use
  • Time Saving
  • Convenient to use
  • Cost efficient
  • Advertisment

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