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15th September 2015 Secap Si4400 Folder/Inserter

Here at Kane Mailing, franking machines are not the only mail room equipment we can supply your business. As well as franking machines, we can offer you low cost folding inserting machines at reasonably cheap prices. We have all types of folding inserting machines, whether you need a fast folding inserting machine like the Secap Si4400, or a slower folding inserting machine like the Secap Si1000.

A folding inserting machine are machines that will fold your mail, insert your mail and seal your mail for you. No more time needs to be wasted on colleagues manually folding and inserting mail items as these machines will speed up the entire process and do the task at a better, more professional level.

THE SI4400 FOLDER/INSERTER FROM SECAP combine advanced software and leading-edge paper-handling technology to reduce the costs of preparing outgoing communications such as bills, statements, direct marketing, letters, newsletters, and paychecks. The units support configurations of up to four sheet feeders and up to two insert feeders, with sheet-feeder capacity of 325 pieces. The SI4400 has a throughput speed up to 4,000 pieces per hour as well as a continuous sheet feeder-to-feeder option for long, uninterrupted production runs.