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9th September 2015 DM220i Smart Meter Mailing System

Franking Machine

The DM220i Digital Franking Machine utilises leading-edge technology, making it a cost-effective way to communicate powerfully with existing and potential customers. It’s an invaluable asset for any small business that’s currently growing and has serious ambitions to ensure that growth continues.

The DM220i Digital Franking Machine is a compact, easy to use franking machine that fits easily on a desktop and allows you to benefit from minimising postage costs without compromising on efficiency. Robust and reliable, it delivers all the benefits of the DM160i and offers mail processing speeds of up to 45 pieces per minute. It also has enhanced visibility, allocates costs up to 100 acoounts, great flexibility, and also has the 5KG weighing scale which offers differential weighing.

You are now able to weigh your letters and parcels and get the franking cost of the mail.This machine is also known as a Smart franking machine which enables you to receive the full VAT costs that can be repaid back to you after the VAT has been paid. This franking machine is designed to make it efficiently easy for everyone to use in your business so you don’t have to spend money on hiring specialists to use the franking machine.

Processing mail at speeds of up to 45 pieces per minute, the DM220i™ combines streamlined performance, solid design and easy operation, making it the perfect choice for multi-user environments.