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2nd April 2015 Return Address/Logo Instructions


Please ensure the machine is turned on and connected to the network/phone line.

When the Machine loads and it comes to the normal pre-set with select a carrier. Instructions are as follows:

1. Select Page Down the bottom arrow


2. You will then see the option “AD: None” please select this button.


3. You will then see “Select an AD” or “Install an AD” First click select an AD.


4. If the page displays like the picture below this means the advert isn’t on the machine yet.


5. At this stage please click the clear button to go back a stage and try the other option “install an AD”.


6. Then the screen below will appear. Select the “Connect Now” button.



7. The Machine will then Connect and process the information.


8. If the machine appears with the AD None again this means the logo/return address is not ready at this moment in time.


Please Click normal the clear button to take yourself back to the main screen.