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5th January 2015 Kane Mailing - Solutions,Savings and Security!

Kane Mailing have been productive and proffesional in the Mail industry for 25 years.

Be assured when you become a Kane customer we will look after you! Here at Kane Mailing we put the customer first in providing complete customer satisfaction during sales and in our after sales service.

Here at Kane Mailing we offer Solutions,Savings and Security on your Mailroom equipment.

Solutions to your Mailroom Equipment is a need in most modern day businesses. You want your franking machine to be wrapped up all in one deal instead of bills coming from different directions. Kane Mailing offer these solutions and will bring effeciency to your business.

Savings is a big factor in the mailroom industry. Whats the point of having a Franking Machine if you arent saving money on your postage bills? Here at Kane Mailing we put the customer first and save them money. With 25 years experience in the Mailroom industry we can guarentee savings on your mail and your mailroom equipment.

Security is also another need in the Mailroom industry. Here at Kane Mailing all your details are secure and we will also make sure your franking machine is well looked after.  Also the machines we provide lets you handle your post in such a manner where you are in complete control of your own post.