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10th November 2014 Rate Change 2014!

Kane Mailing Customers

We are very pleased to annouce that the rate change has taken place and has already started on a few machines!

Here at Kane Mailing we want to provide our customers with the best support that we can provide while the rate change is taking place.

A lot of customers have questions that can be answered from a Frequently asked questions page which saves you time and can help you have more of an understanding about the rate change with your machines. Please click here to take you to the FAQ page. 

Also some customers want to know when there update is ready for there machine. Well if you click here then choose the machine that you have it will have the specific date.

If customers did not already know, the instructions for the downloads are exactly the same as last years so if you still have those instructions please do not be afraid to use them.

If you also want to check out the Price Sheet for 2014 please click here!

I hope this helps you all to a certain extent if you need any more information please contact the following:

Phone: 0800216551