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28th April 2014 DM500 Series Guide

Designed with flexibility in mind, the DM500 Series is powered by Pitney Bowes’ Intellilink® technology. Intellilink ® connects the DM500™ to a secure server, via the Internet, enabling software updates and value added services, postal tariff changes and advertising slogans to be downloaded quickly and effortlessly.

In addition, the option of linking highly accurate weighing platforms to the systems or choosing the Pitney Bowes Weigh-on-the-Way technology ensures the correct postage every time. A single, user interface control panel, with PC quality display and a QWERTY keypad, makes these systems much easier to use than old style machines.

Consumables for this machine:

DM500 Cartridge (Blue - Cleanmail)

Self Adhesive Label Rolls