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15th April 2014 DM160 and DM220 Product Launch

The innovative series, which is an upgrade on the DM100i range, allows users to frank up to 45 letters per minute (faster than the DM100i range); process franked mail across 100 accounts, meaning that mail costs can be tracked for 100 specific clients; and weigh mail up to 35 kilograms, with the addition of a weighing platform. The features ensure that the new range is perfect for those small businesses that are required to send heavy mail items, such as e-shopping firms. Added to this, the multiple accounting feature is available as standard for the first time.

The fully digitalised DM220 series, which includes the DM160i and DM220i machines, can also be run through the customers’ network or router, using a LAN connection. Not only does this eliminate the need for an analogue line (where rental costs around £11 per month) but it also means that the product’s speed of download is far higher.

The DM220 represents a huge  step forward in the market and ensures that franking is an accessible  method of sending post for businesses of all sizes, not merely larger companies.

The range also integrates Pitney  Bowes’s Smart meter*, making data capture and cost tracking possible at  the touch of a button. When you consider that franked mail now costs 27 per cent (16 pence) less than using stamps for standard  first class letters, and it has added benefits such as a more  professional look and increased opening rates, the versatile DM220  series is ideal for businesses sending any volume of post.”

More information and specific product details for the DM220 range are available on our products page.