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11th November 2013 Royal Mail are to announce New Mail Mark

Mailmark™ is a new way of preparing mail for processing by Royal Mail. The Mailmark™ service can also be accessed for some services as an alternative to the current ‘Value’ frank which will print a new 2D barcode, the Royal Mail “delivered by” branding and included a new visual identifier, that show the class of mail and the size / Format.

Benefits of Royal Mail Mailmark™ will include:

  1. A price benefit to maximise postal discounts when accessed via a Mailmark Compatible Franking Machine.
  2. With Royal Mail new initiative and a Mailmark™ compatible Franking Machine you can also  access to a new ‘Prepay’ Business Reply Product that will help improve response to your company / organisation and help increase business..
  3. Automatic postal price /  rate change updates that will apply instantly on the day of the Royal Mail change, avoiding surcharges and the hassle.
  4. Finally drop the analogue phone line and utilise the LAN connections which will further reduce costs and increases upload / download speed.
  5. Thanks to Royal Mail and a Mailmark compatible Franking Machine you will also benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail and you can still add your own company logo and external return address.

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