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24th October 2012 Buying Advice on Franking Machines

Second Hand Used Franking Machines and Auction Sites Advice

Franking Machines are not like your typical piece of office machinery. To be able to re-use them you need to register the machine to be able to recreditit/top up the machine. In addition you'll need a Royal Mail license to use it. This whole reconnecting/re licensing process can cost a substantial amount of money and usually much more that you'll probably pay for the machine.

One recent problem is that franking machines are being listed on auction sites despite being a 'prohibited item'. Most of these franking machines are either leased or rented from the manufacturer and when a machine is not returned to the manufacturer at the end of a rental or lease its listed as lost or stolen and will not be able to be relicensed.

If you get offered a second hand franker always check the meter / serial number with the manufacturer. This is the number that starts with letters followed by a sequence of numbers such as FSC1234567 N12346567 or PB1234567.

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