Mid Volume Franking Machines

DM110 Digital Mailing System

Save money every day!

The DM110i digital franking machine franks the correct tariff
on each letter and parcel every time, so postage costs are
kept to a minimum.

Suitable for even the smallest office!

This compact machine sits unobtrusively on a desktop and its
integrated weighing platform (up to 5kg), means there’s no
need for separate scales. It operates with minimal noise, so
won’t disturb other activities taking place nearby.

A flexible solution!

It effortlessly processes up to 25 pieces of mail a minute and
handles mail up to 9.5mm thick. Larger items are processed
using tape strips.
There’s no need to sort mail into separate weights and sizes.
It will apply the correct tariff to each item as it’s removed from
the weighing scales. An optional weighing platform allows you
to weigh items up to 35kg.

Easy to use!

The interactive menus displayed on the control panel are
intuitive and simple to use. They’re backed up by user-friendly
instructions that lead even someone who‘s never franked mail
before through each stage of a task.

Manage your time effectively

Up to five presets minimise preparation time for common
jobs. And you can advance the date and prepare mail ready
for sending later in the week - perfect if you’ve time spare
today and a hundred and one things that need to be mailed
out tomorrow.

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