Mailmark - The future is here with Kane Mailing!

Royal Mail announce Mailmark™ will be launched during 2014.


Mailmark™ is a new generation of franking mark that replaces the traditional ‘town and crown’ die with a 2D barcode that show the class of mail and the format and carries machine readable information on the user and mail.

At Kane Mailing we have been working to ensure all our customers can access the benefits of Mailmark™. These benefits will include:

  • A price differential to maximise postal budgets
  • Access to a new Prepay Business Reply product that will drive responses to your business and generate revenue
  • Automated postal tariff updates in advance, avoiding surcharges and increased inconvenience
  • Reduced costs and increased speed with a switch from analogue telephones lines to a networked connection 
  • Benefit from presenting the most professional image on your mail
  • Enhanced data via Kane Mailing™ Mail Reports providing you with the information to make business critical decisions

We will be in contact shortly to advise how you are individually affected but if you require information sooner, please give us a ring or email us on: