Rate Change Frequently Asked Questions!

Q1. Where can I get a complete list of Royal Mail’s postage rates?
Please contact Royal Mail on 08456 113 111 or visit www.royalmail.com and they will be able to locate this information online.

Q2. What are the main changes of this Rate Change?
Royal Mail 1st Class and 2nd Class, Special Delivery 9am, Special Delivery pre 1pm (formerly next day), International and Parcelforce rates. For full details and all option please visit www.royalmail.com

Q3. Will I be charged for an updated postal tariff for my equipment?
This depends on whether or not you have an annual service agreement with your equipment and what level of cover you have subscribed to. We will write to all Customers detailing their individual circumstances in advance of any changes.

Q4. When will I receive my updated PROM?
We will start to dispatch the PROM chips for all Customers weeks commencing 17th and 24th March 2014. These proms will be sent out automatically.

Q5. Why do I need to up-date my machine?
From time to time Royal Mail announces changes in their postal tariffs. Your machine needs to be updated with the latest rates to ensure your mail carries the correct postal costs. Incorrect postage values may result in non delivery of items and Royal Mail will also charge you for each item that has the incorrect price. Royal Mail will charge customers for any letters posted without the correct price – these will be charged the difference plus £1 per letter for inland mail and £2 for international mail

Q6. Why do I have to pay for my Rate Update?
Royal Mail are the regulators for the postal service. They have enforced a price change therefore we have to cover the manufacture and shipping costs to provide our customers with the new updates. As per your agreement the new rates will be chargeable and are not covered within your rental. The new postal rates do offer a discount so there are benefits to be gained.

Q7. How can I resolve the error Software Download Failed?
This error is usually seen on machines that connect through PC Meter Connect. Please click here for help with this error.

Q8. How can I resolve the error 1103?
Please click here for help resolving this error.

Q9. How do I update the postal rates on my mailing equipment?
For rates download instructions please click here and select your franking machine model.

Q10. How do I change my Postage Meter memory presets?
It's possible that you may have the franking machine memory presets allocated to one or more of the tariffs that have changed. For help with editing your preset please click here then select your franking machine model.

Q11. When should I install my new Rate Chip?
Please install the PROM on 31st March 2014.

Q12. I have no display to my scales after inserting the rate prom/chip?
This usually means the rate prom/chip is not inserted correctly. Disconnect the power; remove prom/chip and place into the slot pushing prom/chip firmly until you hear a loud snap. It must make a loud snap otherwise the chip isn’t in correctly.

Q13. Error 02 on display.
The rate prom/chip isn’t fitted correctly. Disconnect the power and then remove the prom/chip and place into the slot pushing prom/chip firmly until you hear a loud snap. The power must be off when you do this and the prom/chip must make a loud snap otherwise it isn’t fitted correctly.

Q14. How do I frank my mail if I do not have the latest rates on my machine?
You will need to weigh your item, refer to the Royal Mail rate chart and type the amount in manually or by using the Surcharge payment option on your machine.