Folder Inserters

Relay 3000/4000

Large-scale inserting technology on a small scale!

Now you can tap the full potential of your most important mail with the Relay
3000 and Relay 4000 inserters. By combining unparalleled ease of use with
technology usually found in much larger inserting systems, they’re designed to
help your business reach its full potential too.

Enterprise-level customer data privacy capabilities!

Customer data privacy concerns affect businesses of all sizes. The Relay 3000
and 4000 inserters are designed to meet the demands of an increasingly
competitive marketplace and the pressure of strict compliance regulations.
In fact, they’re the only inserters in their class to offer the security of
2D scanning technology.

Simple. Easy. Done.

Featuring an intuitive, full-color 8” touch-screen user interface*, the Relay 3000
and 4000 inserters are easy to set up so you can be up to speed in far less time
than you think. And with reliable processing, you can rest assured your mail is
done right and on time.

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