Folder Inserters

Relay 5000/6000

Get all the benefits!

The Relay 6000 inserter increases productivity capabilities even further with its optional high capacity sheet feeders. So your business can reach its full potential too.

The flexibility is built in! 

The Relay 5000/6000 inserters assure you of meeting the demands of
an ever-more-competitive marketplace and the increased pressure of strict compliance regulations. You’ll find unique and flexible integrity options, including 1D and 2D scanning, as well as exit scanning to ensure your most important mail reaches the right customer on time, every time.

Take on even the most complex mailings!

You shouldn’t have to tailor your mail programmes to the limitations of your equipment. With the Relay 5000/6000 inserters, you have the ability to process various sizes of letters with the option of processing flat-sized envelopes or mailers. Best of all, initial setup and switching between letters and mailers are both simple and easy.

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