Errors 1103 / 11DA / 110C

Errors 1103 / 11DA / 110C are caused because the meter may have lost its rates download or requires a further connection to successfully store the new rates. You may also see the error Rate Manager Not Initialised. The error usually occurs after a software download and when the scales are used. The error is usually caused by accessing the incorrect menu to download the new rates. You must follow the steps below to successfully download the rates.

Step 1: Press the Clear key until you see New Rates Effective. Select Don't Show Again then OK. The machine will now show you Data Capture Upload Required - Connect Now. Connect the machine to an analogue telephone line or to your p.c. if using PC Meter Connect.
Step 2: Select Connect Now.
Step 3: The meter then dials out/connects to a Pitney Bowes server.
Step 4: The machine will then show a balance available or will show Data Uploading. The machine may ask you if you want to add postage. If so, select No.
Step 5: The machine may then show there is an update available. Select Get Update Now.
Step 6: If there are no software updates available the meter will show No Updates Available. Select OK. If the error reoccurs you may need to contact us on 08444 992 992 option 2 or if you’re located in ROI please dial 01 460 8744.
Step 7: The meter will download the new software in files. You will be able to see the progress on the display.
Step 8: Once the download is complete follow the prompts on the display to get back to the home screen.

You can test the meter by placing an envelope on the scale. If the scale weighs the item the issue is now resolved.

If you have any other issues please give us a Call on 0800216551.