Equipment Installation and Updates

Q1. Where can I get help to install my equipment?

If you need some help to install your self-install equipment, then contact our Service team on 01443 813588 who will be able to give you advice over the phone.

If your equipment requires an engineer to install it, then an engineer will contact you to arrange a suitable date. If, however, the engineer has not been able to contact you, call 01443 813588 and an engineer will be arranged.

Q2. Where can I find the serial/meter number of my equipment?

This can be found on the back of most self-install equipment. The only exception is PersonalPost™ equipment, which has this number on the bottom. If you have engineer install equipment, the engineer will inform you of your meter number whilst installing it.

Q3. How can I change the rates on my meter to reflect the recent Royal Mail rate change?

We will send you all the details you need a few weeks before a Royal Mail rate change. If you are not uptodate then you can order one by emailing

If you have any difficulties installing your chip, call 01443 813588.

Q4. I want to have the company logo on my franking machine, what do you need from me?

To ensure your Envelope Messaging is created quickly and correctly, please email us at with your required artwork and instructions on how you would like your logo to appear.

Q5. Why can’t I send the logo for my Envelope Messaging via fax?

Due to the low quality of a fax, we will be unable to scan the logo at a sufficient resolution to provide you with quality Envelope Messaging.

Q6. How long does it take for my Envelope Messaging to arrive after I send the form to you?

Most Envelope Messaging should take between 7-14 working days, through the DLA server (as per your instruction manual).

If you do not receive your Envelope Messaging within this time, please call one of our advisors on 01443 813588

Q7. I need to download my Envelope Messaging, how do I do this?

If you have a DM100 series franking machine, your ad plate will need to be downloaded. All you need to do is plug your equipment into an analogue phone line and then: 1. Select 'Options' 2. Page down twice 3. Select 'connect data centre' 4. Select 'upload/download'. Once downloaded, you will need to select the ad, as follows: 1. From the front screen, page down 2. Click on 'Select ad' 3. You'll have 3 options: 'use key pad', '0-none' or '1-<your ad>. Your ad may be called ERA, return address or your company name. If you can’t find the ad plate after you’ve completed a download, this may be because: 1. Your equipment is defaulted to 'no' ad plate. Go into ad plates and select the option below 'none'. 2. Your ad plate may not be ready. Call 01443 813588 to check the status of your ad plate.

Q8. I would like to upgrade my existing equipment, who do I need to contact to arrange this?

Call 01443 813588 and we will arrange for a Sales Representative to give you a call back within 24-48 hours to discuss your requirements.

Q9. How long will it take before i have my new equipment installed

Once all paperwork is signed and completed, our dedicated administration team will process your order as quick as possible, delivery and installation will depend on the machine ordered but will be anything from 1-6 weeks.