Business Mail Advance

Available through your franking machine. If you produce at least 500 letters for delivery within the UK and you can prepare your mail so Royal Mail’s automated technology can read and verify the address and postcode, you can obtain a discount from the franking tariff price.

Please Note that Business Mail Advance is not a Vatable Service.

What discounts are available?

By effectively preparing your mail you’ve helped Royal Mail to sort automatically and so they offer savings of up to 17.5% off standard mail costs. Discounts are refunded either by cheque or as a credit to a Royal Mail Account. A refund application is not required.

What criteria must be met to receive the discounts?

To benefit from up to the 17.5% Business Mail Advance discount you must meet the following criteria:

 • Letter dimensions including address location and clear zones

• Apply a license number (normally applied when your machine franks a letter)

 • Post a minimum of 500 items

 • Complete a Customer Collection Receipt via the Royal Mails website

• Present the letters in trays

Royal Mail sorting machines read the License number, check the letter for address accuracy and allocate a discount on an item basis for items automatically sorted. Items failing to be automatically sorted are priced as Account / Franked Meter Standard Tariff.

Mail Specification for Cleanmail Advance

Letter dimensions
  • Minimum size is 145mm x 110mm. Maximum size is 240mm x 165mm      
  • Minimum thickness is .25mm. Maximum thickness is 5mm
  • Royal Mail provides A4 trays and wheeled containers called Yorks   
  • Letters must be separated in to 1st and 2nd Class      
  • Letters must be presented upside down and facing the front of the tray      
  • Trays are placed in the wheeled containers
Address Location and Format      
  • Address must be machine printed in a defined area of the letter (see user guide)      
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) address specification is recommended
  • Royal Mail require certain areas of the mail piece to have no markings (clearzones)      
  • Royal Mail will print bar codes on each item in these areas to assist the sorting process

Click Here for your Business Mail User Guide